Flower Power – Roselles (洛神花)

I am always attracted to local markets. Despite the noise, the crowd and the smell, they offer so much colour and diversity.

These beautiful locally grown roselles were from the Yuen Long market (生果街). I must say I got rather excited when I saw them in baskets and baskets, shining in the sunlight, almost like griming at me!


I heard about these flowers (fruits or precisely the calyx) for a while but have never tried them. The texture and the taste kind of resemble rhubarb (oh yes I do like them!). It’s sharpe but amazingly refreshing in a hot summer day. And they are full of antioxidant and goodies too.

Being me, no doubt I must turn them into something sweet. I thought the old fashion jam would be an easy and tasty option. All you need is 3 ingredients and 5 steps! Okay let’s get started!


Roselle Jam Recipe


200g of Roselle Calyx – seedpods removed (1 pound of the fruits would yield around 200g of calyx)

100g of Water

200g of caster sugar

Few drops of Lemon Juice (Optional)


A cooking pan

A spatula

A thermometer or a metal spoon


Step 1 – Remove the seedpods. You only want the beautiful “maroon” colour part of the fruits – Calyx


Step 2 – Cut the calyx into smaller pieces or blend it if you prefer a smoother texture

Step 3 – Soak the calyx in water for at least 15 minutes to soften

Step 4 – Put all the ingredients (sugar, water, lemon juice and the calyx) into a pan and bring it to boil.


Step 5 – Continue to boil it in medium heat until it hits 108 degrees C or 216 degrees F. And this is your Jam!

*If you do not own a thermometer, don’t worry. Put a metal spoon in the freezer an hour before you make the jam. When the ingredients are boiled for about 15 minutes, put the cold metal spoon into the mixture and take it out to check the consistency. If the mixture coats the back of the spoon well and it feels sticky, here you go the Jam is done!


You can enjoy this jam with a piece of home made bread. Here I have made a loaf of gluten free bread with twist of corn meal and flax seeds.

You can also make jam tarts, cheese cake with the jam or simply take a spoonful as a treat as when you like it! Happy jam making everyone!


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