I love macarons – hearts on my macarons

Well I suppose I am expected to post a few things about macarons. Thank you to the typhoon I could spend a little bit of time to play and try something new.

I have been thinking about piping simple patterns or words on macarons . Not with icing but piping a different coloured macaron batter onto the same macarons. It is pretty hard to get the shapes I want but it’s worth experimenting!


These little babies are made with the Italian meringue method (inspired by Pierre Hermé’s recipe and with a lot of help from my dear friend ZSignature) and filled with some tangy Passionfruit Lemon Almond Cream.


Passionfruit Lemon Almond Cream


1 egg yolk
40g passionfruit purée
20g lemon juice
40g sugar
100g unsalted butter
50g ground almond


1. Prepare your ingredients. Egg yolk in a bowl. Passionfruit purée, lemon juice and sugar in a pan. Unsalted butter cubed. Get a thermometer if you have one.

2. Bring the passionfruit purée, lemon and sugar to the boil.

3. Pour the hot liquid into the egg yolk and whisk until blended

4. Return the mixture into the pan, continue to whisk it and boil in low to medium heat until it reaches 85 degrees C (to make sure the mixture is sterilized). If you don’t have a thermometer, then cook the mixture until thicken.

5. Remove from the heat and stir in the butter until all melted.

6. Pour the mixture in a shallow dish. Wait until cool and then put into the fridge.

7. The mixture should harden in around 2 hours in the fridge. Mix in the ground almond and then this is your Macaron filling!

Happy baking!



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