I can see a rainbow … (and baseballs?) – yes it’s 7 colour wedding macaron tower

What a wonderful story! Baseball games and now we have a couple hand in hand exchanging their vows. Congratulations B & J!

To celebrate the colours of love and embrace their beautiful story of how they met, I took the honor to put together this Macaron tower for their wedding.

I know I know my little boy loves it. Look at his smile and his wide eyes!


There are 7 colours and 4 flavours. So yes I baked 7 batches of macarons in 2 days. It was like a marathon! And I had a couple of disasters when I rushed through the baking. Yes listen number one on Macaron making – no rushing. It won’t work!


Now it comes to the baseball macarons. Well being me (or should I say stupid?) I thought royal icing would be a good option and I just simply pipe the pattern onto the white macarons. Wrong! Even with the smallest piping tip, it’s still far too thick to make the delicate patterns on it. Then I thought hang on a minute, didn’t I buy some cookie writer pens that I never used? (It’s just one of the million baking related things I bought and never get used). They are just perfect and very easy to use.


I didn’t take any photos of how I put together the Macaron tower. But I will when I do one next time and I will show you how easy it is to get one done. If you are up for a Christmas Macaron tower then don’t forget to sign up for updates from my blog (marketing? Nah just trying to sound interesting).


I have not done anything too fancy on the flavours. They are just classic ones – dark chocolate ganache, salted caramel with coffee, green tea buttercream and passion fruit lemon. In my next post I will share my recipe on the salted caramel with coffee. I absolutely adore the diversity of the flavours and the surprises of the hint of saltiness.

Will keep you all posted on my next project!



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