Dreaming of a Macaron Dress (how to make a macaron tower)

How to make a Macaron tower? How should I stick the macarons onto the cone? What size cones would take how many macarons? ——— These are some of the many questions I asked when I put together my first Macaron tower!

There is a lot of information and tips on making macarons. So why don’t we focus on how to make a Macaron tower! I will show you a few simple steps and where to get the material required. Let’s start!

What you need……

A polystyrene Cone (I get mine ordered from http://www.psfoam.com.hk/)

Royal Icing

Plenty of toothpicks or dark chocolate

What you have to do ….

1. A cone with 20cm diameter and 45cm tall will take around 100 standard size macarons (2.5cm diameter)

2. For the Barbie dress, I had to take off the top and shape it to look more like a dress.



3. Then I made some royal icing and spread it over the cone. Well you have got to make sure the surface that touches the macarons is edible and no harmful matters on it.

4. The royal icing is made by whisking with 7g of meringue powder or dehydrated egg white, 50ml cold water, 300g of icing sugar and a hint of colouring


5. To stick the macarons onto the cone, you could either melt some dark chocolate, pipe a little onto the Macaron to stick onto it, or you could put a toothpick into the cone at an angle to secure the little cookie. See below.


Then with a few simple decorations and some imaginations, you will have your first Macaron tower!




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