Pushing to the limit …. (gluten free bread with brown rice protein & ground flaxseed)

How much more can I push this delicate gluten free bread dough? How can I improve the flavours? What else can I do different and how would the end result be different? If you are asking the same questions, welcome to the pastry world!

I am going to keep this post short, and the goal is to share with you my success as well as my failures in gluten free baking.

Successful or failure?

Please refer to my precious post for the standard gluten free bread recipe.
What I have done different this time is as follows:

1. I replaced the buckwheat flour with grounded flaxseeds and brown rice protein, and I pushed it to 100g. Brave!

2. I have also put a spoonful of poppy seeds into the dough

3. I pushed with 100ml of milk instead of 50ml previously. Yes I did!

4. Instead of speed proofing, I placed my dough inside a heavy Le Creuset cooking pan to proof for 5 hours. The idea of slow proofing is to improve flavours

5. I turned up the oven to 230 degrees c

6. I spray the oven to create steam as soon as I placed the tin into the oven to bake

So this is what I got as the end results.

I have a bread loaf with beautiful aroma and taste, but I have sacrificed the texture. It’s denser and more crumbly.

I absolutely adore the flavours but I would prefer a lighter and fluffier texture.

Back to the drawing board for another gluten free experiment tomorrow!




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