Maybe it is too sharp for some people. But I truly love them – Raspberry Dark Chocolate Truffles (dairy free)

I have just finished making 60 macaron pops and I still have about 100g beautiful Raspberry Dark Chocolate Ganache left. I know what is going to happen. I put it into the fridge and thought I would use it in the next couple of days. My experience tells me I will forget about it and it will get wasted!

So what can I do with them. I really do not fancy making another batch of macarons. And then I thought of this tin of wonderful freeze dried raspberry powder from Why I don’t I just roll up the ganache and make a few nice little truffles! You cannot beat that can you?

photo 2

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Truffles

100g good quality dark chocolate (I use 70% Valrhona dark chocolate bars and I cut it into smaller pieces so its easier to melt)

100g raspberry (pureed and sieved out the seeds)

Some freeze dried raspberry powder to coat the truffles (you can just use cocoa powder as alternative)

photo 5

I know it is really this easy!


1. Put the raspberry puree into a small cooking pan and heat it up in low heat

2. Remove from heat just before it gets to the boiling point

3. Pour the hot puree over the chopped chocolate

4. Now this is the key. Leave the chocolate aside for 5 minutes and then you stir it to make sure all the chocolate melts completely.

5. The best way is to cool the mixture in ice, or you could just leave it in room temperature until it sets.

6. Once its set and you could pick up the ganache to shape it the way you want, then roll them into little balls and coat them with the raspberry powder or cocoa powder.

photo (7)photo 1

Enjoy them with a coffee or simply snack on them during office hours!

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