One more Macaron Tower. One Year Wiser. (orange liquor, candied orange peel & dark chocolate ganache)

I have been very quiet but in fact I had a pretty full couple of weeks of non stop baking and cake making challenges! Thanks to my lovely friends for trusting me on creating something for their loved ones. I had another opportunity to put together a macaron tower. Happy Birthday Vincent!


You would think making macarons is like breathing or walking to me, after all these years of practice. Sadly, these little cookies are so moody, sometimes the results are still not up to my standard. This time round I had no trouble making the macarons but I didn’t make quite enough macarons to cover a tower!

So after carefully placing them onto the cone, I found out I am short of 10 macarons! Well making another batch wouldn’t work as the colours would be different. Thank you to my lovely friends I managed to distribute 100 macarons to my neighborhood, so I don’t have to stuff myself with them and get sick. Thank you N, E, K and K!



It’s not so bad to make new batches of macarons. Perfection all came down to practice. I do get a lot of practice this time round! I am not going to repeat myself on how to make a Macaron tower/ cone. You could refer to my previous post to get some ideas on the material and tools.


How about I share the recipe on one of the fillings? – Dark Chocolate Ganache with Orange liquor & Candied Orange Peel

(Filling for 25 Macarons)

You would need:

100g dark chocolate (70 percent cocoa)

100g whipping cream

15g unsalted butter (soften in room temperature)

15g Orange Liquor (the more the merrier!)

Small amount of candied orange peel and cut into smaller pieces

This is how you make the ganache:

1. Cut your chocolate bar into smaller pieces (or you can use chocolate buttons) and place then in a glass bowl

2. Bring the cream to boil and then pour it into the chocolate

3. Put the butter into the chocolate and let it standard for a few minutes

4. Still the chocolate with the cream and butter with a spatula until all melted

5. Pour 15g of orange liquor and mix it well

6. Now leave it in room temperature to set to thicken and set to the consistency for piping. Don’t be tempted to stir it! You will know when it’s ready. The colour goes from shiny to dull.

7. Then what you have to do is to pipe the ganache onto the macaron shells and place a couple of the candied orange peel onto it for texture and flavours

Just in case you are interested, the silver ones are passionfruit lemon almond cream and the blue ones are salted caramel. Here is the recipe for passionfruit lemon almond cream!



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