Macaron Baking Marathon – home made jam filling


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I must have been baking macarons non stopped since Friday. 3 days of non stop baking and still standing. I am either mad, or some so called trully passionate! Haha


I didn’t keep track the numbers of macarons I have created in my little kitchen. 300 maybe?


But I certainly remember the flavours I have done!


1. Chocolate Ganache with Orange Liquor & Candied Orange Peel (click to see the recipe)

2. Salted Caramel

3. Passionfruit Lemon Almond Cream (click to see the recipe)

4. Rose White Chocolate Cream

5. Chocolate Ganache with Rum

6. Vanilla Cream

7. Home made Raspberry Jam

8. Chocolate Ganache with Rum and Raisins


I adore home made jam. You can adjust the taste to your preference. And you know exactly what is in it. I know I say this a lot, but trust me making jam is a lot easier than you thought. Here is the recipe of the Raspberry Jam.

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Home-made Raspberry Jam

(sterilise a glass jar for your jam)


15g caster sugar

7g fruit pectin


10g butter (I used clarified butter for caesin free diet. Adding butter in the jam reduces the unwanted bubbles when boiling the jam)

30g water

250g raspberries


125g sugar

7g vitamin C powder (you can use lemon juice instead. You may need half an lemon, depending on the taste)


Step 1 – Mix well the pectin and the sugar, then add into a pan together with the raspberries, water and butter. Bring it to boil, and boil it (keep stirring) for a few minutes

Step 2 – Add the remaining sugar and the vitamin C powder into the pan. Continue to stir and boil it to 101 to 104 degrees C

Step 3 – Cool down the jam with a ice bath and……THIS IS YOUR HOME MADE JAM!


photo 4


Natural Pink Colouring 

Just in case you are interested, the raspberry macarons are coloured with Beetroot Powder and Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder


photo 2




Now I can relax and retire from macaron baking……………maybe for a week or so! 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Macaron Baking Marathon – home made jam filling

  1. I had a go at some blackberry macarons with homemade blackberry filling and they turned out pretty well 🙂 if you’re interested in viewing my recipe check out my blog soon!

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