Your Macaron, Your Way (Macaron pops, Macaron tower or Macaron Flower?)

What have I been up to lately? Baking macarons ……… again. My hubby wonders where I got my energy from. I made 3 macaron towers/ cakes last week, while I was training for a 10km charity run on Sunday. I can tell you passion is the key to anything that one does. When you enjoy doing something, you will find time and energy (and creativity) to do it!

While some might prefer the classic Macaron Tower, some might prefer something a little playful like Macaron Pops, or why not making it like a flower pot just for a bit of fun?

Thanks to 3 wonderful mums and friends – I had the pleasure to create 3 different styles of macaron gifts for 3 very special ones. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

So instead of detailing the technical part of the making of these macarons and cake, I am going to keep this post short and visually sweet for you!

R likes blue and would appreciate Macaron pops.





Little A loves yellow so a yellow and pink Macaron tower would certainly be the choice!

(click here to see how I made a macaron tower at home)

(click here to see how I made the passionfruit lemon filling)

(click here to see how I made the raspberry jam)





And as for our lovely C and soon to be eleven, she might appreciate something purple and a little different? Macaron flower and a flower pot cake?

(click here to see the recipe of the gluten free sachertorte cake base)





The soil is made of ground hazulnut with hint of black colouring, and the grassy bits are made with shredded coconut rubbed in green colouring.

Hope you like these ideas for macarons!

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