Cake Frenzy

After years of macaron baking, lately I have been crazy about those beautiful ombré cake. From romantic pink with natural strawberry powder to something crazily sexy bronze, I have done one after one and I just can’t get enough of them!

Here is the recipe of the “Swiss Meringue Buttercream” recipe that I use. Light, fluffy, velvety and not too sweet for my very Hong Kong palette:



120g egg white (approximately 4 egg white)

200g caster sugar

190g unsalted butter (soften and diced)

75g salted butter (soften and diced)

#enough to cover 4 layer 6 inch cake#



1.  Egg white + Sugar over a pan of simmering water 

2. Keep whisking the sugar + egg white mixture till it reaches 60 to 65 degrees C

3. Remove from heat and whisk at high speed until it reaches soft peak

4. Cool down to 25 degrees and then start adding the butter to it.

5. Keep whisking at high speed. It may begin to look lumpy and it does look like it goes wrong. Don’t worry. Keep whisking it and it will eventually becomes smooth and silky.


6. Flavour it with vanilla, melted chocolate or my favourite sea salt caramel/ pecan maple caramel!

Happy baking!

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