Our Story

My name is Anita. 10 years ago, based on a recipe found on the internet, I baked my first batch of macarons in my cozy kitchen at home. Six years later, with help from my husband we started baking under the brand Little Miss Macarons for wholesale and for a number of amazing events and weddings. Today, I have found my new passion to host private baking classes and share my skills with people who love to bake just like myself.

Thank you for the generosity of many people I met in this journey – good friends, family members and professional chefs in this vibrant city I truly love and call home – Hong Kong.

I am a mum of a wonderful 12 year old boy, day time relationship manager at a boutique private bank, but most of time day dreaming about what I can create and impress my palette. It could be either for a unique flavour for a macaron, or something gluten free and tasty for my husband and my son who are gluten intolerant.

My passion in baking all started from receiving my best birthday present from my husband – a bright red Kitchenaid Mixer. Best investment we have ever made and it has never let us down. And here I am,  a passionate home baker (and occasionally the head cook of the family), and have not stopped experimenting with food!


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