MacaMOON 中秋馬卡龍月餅

Your MacaMOON. Your Way.

<A truly unique Mid-Autumn Festival experience with MacaMOON>


Mid-Autumn festival is where merriment and laughter fills the air. This year, give your beloved ones traditional heartwarming sweet delights of the season with a completely new taste.


Little Miss Macarons has prepared scrumptious surprises for you. Our “Seven stars and a moon” macaron mooncakes embody the Chinese traditions with French elements!

Little Miss Macarons 特意為今年中秋推出一款創意十足的七星伴月馬卡龍月餅-MacaMOON!糅合中法魅力,為你帶來驚喜!

MacaMOON is the perfect celebration mooncakes for families welcoming a special Mid-Autumn festival in a French taste.


**For each box of MacaMOON sold, we will make a traditional mooncake by hand and distribute them with Impact HK to someone in need and the homeless in Hong Kong. We value your support!**

**而每一盒MacaMOON賣出,我們會送出一個本地手作傳統月餅給社區需要關懷人士和露宿者,跟Impact HK 一同分享愛心去香港每一個角落。多謝大家的支持!**

rien que du bonheur!

22cm x 22cm x 8.5cm

[Pre-orders only (till 17 Sep) , available for pick up/ delivery from 20 September for consumption by 25 September.]


– Limited availability to 600 boxes –

– 限定600盒 –

HKD 680 per box


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