Posts on Macarons:

My Favourite Chinese New Year Gift. My Macaron Tangerine Tree!

All I Want for Christmas is MACARON

Macarons or Macaroons?

The best gift for my parents for Christmas. Congratulations to my sister! (a simple macaron tower with hand made mini cupcakes)

Your Macaron, Your way (Macaron pops, Macaron tower or Macaron Flower?)

Macaron Baking Marathon – Home made jam filling

One more Macaron Tower. One Year Wiser. (orange liquor, candied orange peel & dark chocolate ganache)

Dreaming of a Macaron Dress (how to make a macaron tower)

“Bacon & Egg Sandwich” vs “Bacon & Sundried Tomato Macaron” – Celebration of home cured Bacon!

I can see a rainbow… (and baseballs?) – yes it’s a 7 colour wedding macaron tower

Sexy, Sophisticated, Sensational – A MAN-caron tower is born

I love macarons – hearts on my macarons